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25+ years of experience

Expert Hose and Line Services

APB Tubes & Hoses and Bird's Hydraulics offer comprehensive fluid line services, specializing in repair, rebuilding, and custom fabrication for various industries.

We are the only shop in Dallas and Ellis County with patented equipment to form and bend tubing up to an 1 1/4 metric or standard.

With over 25 years of experience, our locally-owned-and-operated businesses prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring jobs are completed correctly the first time.

apb tubes and hoses tube bending machine

Industries We Serve

We can repair or replace the hoses and tubes needed to operate the machinery that powers the following industries.

Oil & Gas Industry

Hoses and tubes are essential in the oil and gas sector for transporting crude oil and natural gas to refineries.

They must endure high temperatures, pressures, corrosion, and constant bending.

Bird's Hydraulics | APB Tubes and Hoses offers durable, specially constructed solutions to meet these industry demands.

gas station with red lights


Hoses and tubes serve crucial functions in the petrochemical industry.

They transport liquids and gases safely and efficiently, contain leaks to prevent accidents and protect equipment, and direct fluid flow for precise chemical reaction control.

Bird's Hydraulics | APB Tubes and Hoses have extensive experience in providing high-quality, customized solutions for petrochemical applications.

a plant for petroleum


Hoses and tubes play critical roles in various industries. They transport liquids and gases safely, especially in chemical plants handling hazardous materials.

They create seals between objects, preventing leaks and contamination in manufacturing processes. As well as they insulate and shield materials from heat or electrical currents, crucial in industries like automotive with sensitive components.

Bird's Hydraulics | APB Tubes and Hoses offer high-quality solutions for diverse industrial hose and pipe requirements.

industrial worker with a hose

Food & Beverage

Hoses and tubes are vital in the food industry for transporting liquids, gases, and other materials.

They ensure food safety by preventing contamination and separating food products. They are used to clean equipment and surfaces, reducing the spread of bacteria and contaminants.

Bird's Hydraulics | APB Tubes and Hoses have extensive experience in providing tailored hose and pipe solutions for the food industry.

tubes putting liquid in bottles


On construction sites, hoses and pipes transport water, sewage, and various liquids.

They pump concrete, sand, and other materials, create temporary barriers like dams or levees, and form custom shapes and sizes for poured concrete structures.

Bird's Hydraulics | APB Tubes and Hoses cater to diverse construction site hose and pipe requirements.

construction worker in a suit


In agriculture, hoses and tubes transport water, enable irrigation, and convey chemicals and fluids.

They connect various equipment and machinery and facilitate customized irrigation systems, delivering precise water amounts to optimize crop growth, yield, and minimize waste.

Bird's Hydraulics | APB Tubes and Hoses cater to diverse agricultural hose and pipe needs.

agriculture tubes


Hoses and tubes play vital roles in the trucking industry, ensuring efficient fuel delivery, cooling systems, air brake systems, hydraulic and pneumatic operations, and proper exhaust systems.

These components contribute to the functionality and safety of trucks, making them indispensable in the transportation sector.

Bird's Hydraulics | APB Tubes and Hoses specializes in providing replacements and repairing the trucking industry's crucial hoses and pipes.

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Visit One of Our Locations

Two convenient locations in Lancaster and Waxahachie. Both stores offer a number of products from industry leading brands as well as repair or remanufacturing services of hoses and tubes.

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Lancaster - APB Tubes & Hoses

Store Location
820 N Dallas Ave Lancaster TX 75146
(972) 227-4777
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Waxahachie - Bird’s Radiator

Store Location
203 Howard Road, Waxahachie, TX 75165
(972) 937-7432
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We carry most all tube and hose parts imaginable. With an inventory like ours, you are bound to find what you need.

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In-Store Emergency Repair Service

We are here for you when you need us most.

For mission critical operations that cannot wait, we offer in-store emergency repair service.

One of our technicians are standing by for your call.

(469) 245-9513
$125 fee* (see FAQ for details)
technician fixing an emergency tube repair

What our amazing customers have to say...

Alway fast and have everything I need. Great service and knowledgeable staff.
Mike Merten
Mike Merten
Needed a hi pressure power steering line and no one carried it. They were able to duplicate the line and even put the restrictor back. I will be back.
Royce Banks
Royce Banks
The guys at the front counter are very helpful and friendly, always find a way to make sure you leave place to go for hoses and fittings.
Luis Vega
Luis Vega
Great service and selection. Extremely knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend for anyone looking for hydraulic needs.
Clint Autrey
Clint Autrey
They were prompt and made me the hydraulic hoses that I needed in record time. I will definitely always recommend Bird’s Hydraulics.
Laurie Thompson
Laurie Thompson
These guys are awesome!! They are always very helpful and accommodating. Found them 6 months ago and won't go anywhere else now.
Chad Shaver
Chad Shaver

Discover the ultimate fluid line solution

Visit one of our two locations or shop online 24/7


What do I need to bring to the store to have my fluid line repaired or replaced?

Your old/current line needs to be brought in to ensure we can correctly identify all sizes and fittings. 99% of the time we cannot work off of pictures.

How long does it typically take to get a repair or replacement fluid line?

We strive to be a “while you wait” shop, however depending on the complexity of your line and quantity, you may need to drop it off and pick it up typically same day. If either shop is backed up it may also add time to the turn around.

Can I pick up my order in store?

You may pick up your online order in store, please wait until you’ve received an email saying your order is ready for pickup.

What are your hours of operation?

Both locations are open M-F 730a-5p and Saturdays 8a-12p. Please check our social media for any holiday or weather closures.

How does your emergency repair service work?

For emergency service, please call 469-245-9513.

There is a fee of $125 to open the doors after hours.

What products do you carry in store?

We carry a number of products. Stop by to view our full selection. Or you can learn more about each store.

Waxahachie - Bird's Hydraulics

Lancaster - APB Tubes & Hoses

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